About Us

People don’t have clue about what and where to learn Excel from. We have created step by step business cases driven learning modules for them, so that they become super proficient in MS Excel.

Who we are?

We at Excel Hippo are a team of experienced people who have worked in Banking, Research, and Analytics firms.

During our professional journey, we have used MS Excel in the majority of our projects and we believe Excel is such an indispensable tool for any individual to succeed professionally.

While in the job we were assigned responsibility to train new hires on MS Excel so that they can equip with all the necessary skills required to complete their task more productively.

We have to train people even if our organization is hiring experienced individuals. Which simply means that sometime even the experienced employees don’t have the required excel skill sets. We believe that proficiency in Excel is not just a skill, but a vital tool for personal and professional success.

Therefore, we thought of providing Free online excel training course through Excel Hippo, which is based on pure corporate experience. So that learners can become employable and more productive in their lives.

We are on a


We are on a mission to empower individuals with excel proficiency with the aim of elevating their professional and personal competencies thereby making them employable and more productive.