Become Super Proficient in MS Excel

People don’t have clue about what and where to learn Excel from. We have created step by step business cases driven learning modules for them, so that they become super proficient in MS Excel.

What is MS Excel all about?

Excel spreadsheet is a widely used software designed and developed by Microsoft. It facilitates data organization, calculation, and analysis.

Additionally, Excel offers a diverse range of charting and graphing options to visually represent data, making it easier to interpret and communicate insights effectively.

Excel has its application in various fields rather in almost every filed such as finance, business, research, education, and personal finance, making it an essential tool for professionals, students, and anyone seeking to work with data effectively.

In the present scenario it is indispensable tool for every individual irrespective of its profession and education.

Why Excel Matters for Newcomers and Students

  • Are you new to the world of MS Excel?
  • Are you a Junior student passionate to acquire skills that will set you apart in your school?
  • Are you unemployed, looking for a decent job?
  • Are you working executive looking for a promotion?

Yes, MS Excel is such a versatile software it’s for all of us! Apart from lots of mathematical calculations, data analysis it also helps students in project management.

Owing to its huge industrial application, student can become employable by gaining proficiency in MS Excel.

What all you need to achieve proficiency in Excel!

Whether you are absolute newcomer or have basic understanding of MS Excel you need FOUR things to start you journey in achieving proficiency in Excel.

  1. Step by Step course which can make you aware about all the tabs, icons and functions of excel.
  2. Exposure to business environment making aware about the business application of Excel.
  3. Regular assignment to practice on about excel.
  4. Assessment and tracking of your Excel journey

What is Excel Hippo?

What we do? and why we are doing it?

We are a team of professionals who have worked with Research and Analytics firms, we have developed a business cases driven step by step course for people so that they become super proficient in MS Excel.

We are on a mission to provide FREE excel training which is designed for all types of people be it school going kids, college students, working professional or even housewife. Out training course is simple and coupled with lots of business cases and working assignments.

The primary objective of excel hippo is to make you employable!

We are on a Mission

We are on a mission is to provide business case driven free online excel training to individuals so that they become super proficient in excel!

Our MS Excel Courses

With Excel Hippo you will get step by step process to achieve excellence in excel. Our Module starts from the very basic concept of opening excel in your computer to building complex models in excel.

Excel for


Learn MS Excel in a simple step-by-step process

Start your journey for Excel

Our first course is for the newcomer, who is not even aware of MS excel.

Develop strong understanding of MS excel user interface.